LEAF Link takes your privacy very seriously. This document explains how LEAF Link uses and safeguards your personal data and that of your contacts.

Contact Data

If you choose to allow it, LEAF Link will send your contacts' addresses to Google in order to obtain their locations on the map. The information sent to Google is limited to:

No personally identifying information, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, or other information will be sent.

If you do not wish to send this information to Google, go to the Settings & Info screen and turn off the "Get Contact Locations" preference.

Your Location

LEAF Link uses your location for three purposes:

If you do not want LEAF Link to use your location, go to the Settings app and turn off Location Services for LEAF Link.

Navigation Items

When you send a place or destination to your LEAF's navigation system, the information displayed will be sent to and stored on the LEAF Link server at

LEAF Link communicates with Nissan's CARWINGS service to get your LEAF's current status and send commands such as Start Charging and climate control commands.
Charge Timer

Because CARWINGS does not directly support setting charge timers, LEAF Link uses the server at to provide this feature. If you do not use the Charge Timer feature, your CARWINGS username and password will never be sent to the server.
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